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ABOUND Announces Unit Offering

The Company announces the grant of an aggregate of 729,000 incentive stock options to certain directors, officers and consultants of ABOUND at an
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ABOUND Energy and Novus Earth, Announce Transformative Alliance and a Corresponding PO for a 15 MWh Zaeras™ Energy Storage System

This purchase order signifies the launch of a dynamic alliance between Novus Earth and ABOUND, laying the groundwork for a series of future proje
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The Leader in
Zinc Air Battery

Abound Energy has developed Zaeras™, an innovative battery technology, that uses zinc and air as fuel. Zaeras™ resolves the intermittent and unpredictable nature of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.  

Long-duration energy storage technology, such as Zaeras™, enhances grid stability by smoothing out the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply. Zaeras™ is also safe, has a lower cost, and is reliable for 8+ hours with no energy capacity degradation.


Redefining Long-Duration Energy Storage