Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Abound Energy has accumulated over a decade of unique experience to execute the development and commercialization of a dependable low-cost zinc-air battery. With both environmental and efficiency factors in mind, Abound strives to meet the growing need for secure and reliable power. The Company trades in Canada on the CSE under the ticker symbol ABND

“We need to change the way we produce and use energy” – Jim Skea, Professor Sustainable Energy, Imperial College London

The global rise in electricity generation from renewable sources has led to increased demand for advanced batteries that can be used to provide reliable clean energy. This requirement is particularly important in areas where grid connections may be outdated, unreliable or even non-existent. We support a modern electrical grid for peak-shifting and Transmission & Distribution deferral. The transition from diesel generators or fossil fuels towards a clean renewable energy will:

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Redefining Long-Duration Energy Storage