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Behind the Meter (BOM) – buys electricity from utilities

Commercial and Industrial – communities, commercial buildings and factories/manufacturing facilities where there is a need for large use of electricity. , commercial and industrial buildings need to have energy storage systems that serve all or some of the tenants within them. Providing energy cost reduction, renewables integration, and power quality protection are top motivators for this sector.

Examples of commercial and industrial markets are universities, corporate campuses, shopping malls, and government locations. These markets often pay a single rate that has been negotiated with a local utility. But, by using tools like demand response, distributed renewables, and energy storage, the facility operator can significantly reduce energy costs. 

The industrial market is likely to have a need for advanced flow batteries. This is because power quality issues need to be regulated over long durations – a common issue with semiconductor and other precision manufacturing systems. If a business facility finds a price difference (night and day) in electricity prices, then our battery technology can help to ensure reliability and cost savings. 

Front of the Meter (FOM)

  • Utilities have designed their electrical grids to meet the maximum amount of power that will be needed.

    Battery storage can help to address peak shaving and load leveling. This is because it provides a reliable alternate source of power. This offers economic benefits to both the consumer and the utility. Peak shaving is leveling out peaks in electricity use by industrial and commercial power users to ensure grid stability (staying within the maximum amount of power). Load leveling is used to store power during periods of light loading and to deliver it during periods of higher demand. These applications enable the utility to reduce the operating cost and to delay infrastructure expansion for capacity. In addition, the consumer benefits from savings on their electricity bill by lowering peak demand. 

Remote Microgrids (both BOM and FOM)

  • Remote communities and off-grid work sites are often faced with the challenges of transporting fuel for diesel generators. Access to these locations is challenging and transport costs are high.

    With our technology, remote worksites can be powered long-term and replaced with diesel generators for a low-cost, sustainable solution. 
  • Power Plants 
  • Electricity Generation Stations 

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ABOUND is actively looking for synergistic applications to deploy and integrate our innovative technology with. If your project is a good fit for our technology, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can work together.

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