Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable, secure, and resilient energy sources

Our Vision: To provide a low-cost, long duration energy storage solution to enable global energy sustainability

We want to help the world transition towards more clean and sustainable energy. To bridge that gap, our long duration energy storage will help to ensure reliable and stable access to electricity and bring flexibility to the grid. There are cloudy days when there is no solar energy being produced or when the winds calm down and there is no production of wind power. Long duration energy storage will be the key to providing continuous and reliable access to these intermittent sources of energy.

Our vision for long duration energy storage is that it will provide some stability to a modern electrical grid, without having to invest in more costly transmission lines. Our energy storage will also store excess energy when it is abundantly being produced and deliver electricity when there is excess consumer demand, keeping electricity rates down and preventing any congestion in the grid and any curtailment of renewable energy. Zinc is an abundant and inexpensive material, unlike lithium. Which makes zinc-air technology lower in costs.

Our energy system has decoupled power and energy, so you can either scale up (or down) the power generators (charge or discharge) or the storage tank to meet various electricity demand.

Unlike Lithium-ion systems which efficiently provides electricity for a short term (4 hour or less), our technology will provide access to energy for greater than 8 hours, built on a system meant to last for 20 years or more. Zinc-air batteries are safe and non-flammable. They do not have thermal-runaway issues. Domestic supply chain and abundant raw materials will also keep costs lower. Find out more about our technology.

Power and energy decoupling. High scalability. Safety. Low costs. We envision that our technology will enable the security of clean and sustainable energy to help power our future.

Redefining Long-Duration Energy Storage