Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable, secure, and resilient energy sources

Our Vision: To provide a low-cost, long duration energy storage solution to enable global energy sustainability

ABOUND’s vision is to propel the world towards a future energized by clean and sustainable sources by bridging the gap in the transition to cleaner energy options. Our mission is supported by our innovative Zaeras™ long-duration energy storage technology, designed to ensure reliable and stable access to electricity while bringing flexibility to the grid.

In a world where renewable energy sources like solar and wind are intermittent, Zaeras™ serves as the key to providing continuous and reliable access to these vital energy sources. By storing excess energy during peak production periods and delivering it during times of high demand, Zaeras™ plays a pivotal role in stabilizing the grid, keeping electricity rates down, and preventing congestion and curtailment of renewable energy.

Our vision for long-duration energy storage extends beyond mere stability; we envision Zaeras™ as a solution that enhances the resilience of modern electrical grids without the need for costly infrastructure investments. Leveraging a zinc-air technology, Zaeras™ offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional lithium-based solutions, utilizing abundant and inexpensive materials to ensure affordability and sustainability.

At ABOUND, we believe in empowering our customers with the ability to tailor their energy solutions to meet their specific needs. With Zaeras™, power and energy are decoupled, providing the flexibility to scale the charging power, the discharging power or the storage capacity as required, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency, and offering uncharted financial benefits to our customers.

Built to last over 20 years, Zaeras™ boasts safety features such as being non-flammable and free from thermal runaway issues, ensuring peace of mind for both consumers and operators. Additionally, our domestic supply chain and abundant raw materials contribute to lower costs, making clean and sustainable energy accessible to all.

ABOUND envisions Zaeras™ as the cornerstone of a future powered by clean and sustainable energy, enabling security and resilience while paving the way for a greener tomorrow. Join us in shaping the future of energy with Zaeras™ technology.


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