Why Invest in ABOUND

Why Invest in ABOUND

There are still plenty of opportunities for those in the clean tech industry.

Our business strategy is based on partnerships, looking at markets that need long duration energy storage (including support to communities that would benefit from energy storage). Our opportunities have led us to the East Coast, the State of New York with strict electrification and decarbonization targets and growing energy demands where the Inflation Reduction Act has provided ABOUND with incentives to build a manufacturing /assembly plant.

The opportunity is to help the world transition to clean energy through the advances in our engineering and chemistry as well as helping communities become net zero carbon by 2050 and have access to affordable and reliable and clean energy. The costs to electrification is about $16 trillion dollars; with the electrification of transportation ($5.4 trillion) and buildings ($5.2 trillion) costing the most, followed by Industry ($2.2 trillion), then with low-emission fuels and agriculture/land, forests at $1.5 trillion.

While long duration energy storage can help when excess power is created, the storage and discharge will ensure stable, reliable access to power as the demand for electricity grows. Our technology also aims to make it cheaper either using safe, highly available domestic supply chains or through peak demand management. Also our technology means less spent on new transmission lines (as well as permits) further reducing the costs of building out our grid and transmission lines.

As the world grapples with rising prices, how our future is powered by electricity will be subject to costs. The shift towards clean technology also comes with a just transition, ensuring that those who were treated unfairly now get to have an opportunity in the transition to clean energy. It’s not always about cleaner, net zero carbon energy but ensuring access to well-paying green jobs as well.

It all comes down to our culture; we want to help build a better world through technology. We have gathered a strong leadership team with oversight from our experienced board. Our strategy to find the best partners as well as the right market, so that we are working towards similar goals (or helping to achieve each other’s goal), while investing in our staff and recruiting smart, flexible, and curious people.

Redefining Long-Duration Energy Storage