ABOUND Energy Fortifies Strategic Vision with Esteemed Appointments to its New Advisory Board

VANCOUVER, BC, March 27, 2024 / ABOUND Energy Inc. (“ABOUND” or the “Company”) (CSE: ABND) (OTC PINK: ZAIRF) (FSE: 0E9) proudly introduces the inaugural members of its New Advisory Board: Mrs. Talia Beckett-Davis, Mr. Lee Harrison, and Mr. Robert Schwetzke. Their extensive industry experience and wealth of knowledge will undoubtedly serve as invaluable assets as we navigate the intricate landscape of the energy sector.

With their strategic guidance, we are confident in our ability not only to navigate industry complexities but also to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities for sustainable growth. Through their expertise, ABOUND is primed to enhance its competitive edge, foster a culture of innovation, and spearhead forward-thinking initiatives.

“Our dedication to pioneering sustainable technological solutions remains steadfast, driving us towards a cleaner and more efficient energy landscape. We eagerly await the impactful contributions of Mrs. Beckett-Davis, Mr. Harrison, and Mr. Schwetzke as we embark on this transformative journey,” said Jason Birmingham, CEO of ABOUND.

Mrs. Talia Beckett-Davis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of American and Canadian Women in Public Relations, as well as Owner of Talia Davis Public Relations, leads the trio of new appointments. She previously worked with government officials to bolster Canada’s international business presence by showcasing British Columbia as an appealing investment hub. Possessing a master’s degree in international relations from the University of London England, a Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate from Harvard Business School, and a Women’s Leadership Certificate from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Mrs. Beckett-Davis brings extensive experience in strategic business planning within renewable energy, public affairs, government relations, and finance domains to the Advisory Board. Her dedication to sustainability and the energy transition, combined with her proficiency in communications strategy, renders her a valuable asset to ABOUND’s Advisory Board.

“I’m pleased to join ABOUND’s Advisory Board alongside such qualified professionals at this critical stage of development and further improve our ability to provide shareholder value. I look forward to the unique perspectives that each advisor will add, as we work together to strengthen our industry positioning and execute the Company’s growth strategy,” stated Mrs. Beckett-Davis.

Mr. Lee Harrison, a growth-focused business and corporate development professional with a remarkable track record spanning 27 years, has also become a valuable addition to the Advisory Board. With successful ventures such as Creative Concepts Inc., Convergent Thinking Inc., Pan Caribbean Energy and Marsan Resources Inc. under his belt, Mr. Harrison’s entrepreneurial acumen and strategic partnerships have led to significant revenue growth across various firms. His expertise extends beyond revenue generation; Mr. Harrison has demonstrated a keen ability to navigate complex market landscapes, forging key alliances and identifying emerging opportunities. His deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, honed through years of hands-on experience, will not only drive ABOUND’s strategic initiatives forward but also position the company for long-term success in a rapidly evolving energy sector.

“Belonging to the ABOUND team is a genuine privilege. The undeniable impact that ABOUND’s technology will have on people, businesses, and the environment is profound. I am eager to contribute to the team and nurture relationships that benefit all stakeholders.,” stated Mr. Harrison.

Joining the trio is Mr. Robert Schwetzke, a registered Professional Engineer with over 20 years of diverse expertise in engineering, project, and business management across industries such as Mining, Ports & Terminals, Construction, and Technology development. With a track record of overseeing complex projects from inception to completion and a knack for international supply-chain management, Mr. Schwetzke who currently resides in Dubai, brings a strategic perspective to ABOUND Energy’s Advisory Board, especially from the Middle Eastern market. His proficiency in mechanical and structural design, coupled with entrepreneurial acumen, will be instrumental in driving innovation and sustainable growth. Mr. Schwetzke’s leadership and collaborative approach align seamlessly with ABOUND’s mission, making him an invaluable addition to the team.

“I very much appreciate the opportunity to be part of the ABOUND Advisory Board and the ABOUND team as a whole. I could not be more excited joining at this pivotal time for ABOUND and look forward working with such a professional and diverse team”, stated Mr. Robert Schwetzke.

Together, Mrs. Talia Beckett-Davis, Mr. Lee Harrison, and Mr. Robert Schwetzke embody the values of innovation, collaboration, and integrity that are central to ABOUND’s mission. Their diverse experiences and strategic insights will play a pivotal role in steering ABOUND towards continued success and sustainable growth.


About ABOUND Energy Inc.

ABOUND specializes in developing scalable, environmentally friendly, long-lasting energy technology. Our patented Zaeras™ long-duration energy storage technology, leveraging zinc-air chemistry, guarantees the storage and on-demand delivery of electricity without the limitations or environmental risks associated with current market leaders.

About ABOUND’s Zaeras™ Technology

Zaeras™ is precision-engineered to meet future energy requirements, with a specific emphasis on simplifying long-duration energy storage. Harnessing the potential of its multi-patented Zaeras™ technology, ABOUND is poised to facilitate the seamless integration of green energy sources into the grid. This is achieved by minimizing curtailment, bridging the gap between supply and demand, and efficiently integrating green energy into the grid. ABOUND’s strategic initiatives encompass opportunities for peak demand reduction, leveraging time-of-use arbitrage, participating in value stacking programs, and entering the distributed long-duration energy storage sector. These endeavors are aligned with our central objective of increasing the integration and resiliency of green energy, while stabilizing the grid.

Distinguished by its inherent safety—free from fire or explosion hazards—Zaeras™ guarantees sustained capacity over an extensive lifecycle. Simultaneously, it showcases versatility by independently managing charge and discharge operations. Comparable to other Flow Battery technologies, scaling up the energy capacity of Zaeras™ is as simple as increasing the size of the fuel tank; a cost-effective solution, from kWh to MWh.  This is a welcome alternative to the fixed power-to-energy ratio constraints ingrained in traditional systems, such as Li-ion and Zinc Hybrid Batteries.

To learn more about ABOUND’s technology, please visit: https://Abound.Energy

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