Seeing a win-win-win situation that revitalizes an old Superfund site, creates jobs for New Yorkers, and supercharges a cutting-edge renewable energy storage technology, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, picked up the phone and called Zinc8 Energy Solutions CEO Ron MacDonald to urge the energy-storage technology company to manufacture zinc-air batteries in his home state.

During this pivotal call to MacDonald, Sen. Schumer touted the cleaned up and refurbished iPark 87 near the town of Ulster as an ideal locale for Zinc8 to set up a facility to manufacture its zinc-air energy storage systems.

To further entice Zinc8 to set up shop in Hudson Valley, the Senate Majority Leader said he would help the battery company secure some of the $6 billion in federal incentives available in the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Law for the expansion of U.S.-based battery technologies.

“Zinc8’s interest in expanding hundreds of new jobs into the Hudson Valley at Ulster County’s former TechCity site, now called iPark87, would be a win-win-win,” said Sen. Schumer. “A once-contaminated asbestos dumping ground can be revitalized and once again be the beating heart of Ulster County’s economy, all while powering a cleaner, brighter future, fighting climate change, and creating hundreds of good-paying jobs.”

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