Keith Morlock

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Morlock brings over two decades of experience, adeptly navigating regulatory environments involving agencies such as the SEC, EPA, OSHA, and the FDA. Proficient in steering high-performing teams and driving innovation, he focuses on supporting the infrastructure, development, and revenue objectives of growing enterprises.

Mr. Morlock has successfully developed strategic initiatives with partners such as GE, Siemens, and Honeywell, specifically in designing, implementing, and overseeing water treatment systems for critical areas in pharmaceutical manufacturing and energy/gas produced water reclamation facilities.

Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Morlock has held various roles in public and private companies, ranging from Director and Corporate Officer to V.P., President, Chairman, and CEO, showcasing his adaptability and leadership across different organizational structures.

In his role at Zinc8, Mr. Morlock will actively participate in financing and additional restructuring efforts to bolster confidence in the capital market. Mr. Morlock’s primary focus will extend to enhancing communication, fostering transparency, and strengthening connections between executives, stakeholders, and future employees. With over 25 years of establishing positive corporate governance, he brings a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly contribute to Zinc8 Energy’s future success.