Energy storage already is transforming power generation, and most industry analysts say the potential for storage is limited only by its technology. As batteries improve—and certainly as they become more durable, safer, and cost-effective to install—energy storage will continue to be deployed in more places.

Zinc-air batteries have long been used in a variety of devices. They are lightweight, compact, and made of less-flammable materials than other batteries. Researchers have been working on new zinc-air designs that can be used for many applications, including in microgrids, commercial and industrial buildings, and even residential settings. It’s being done with an eye toward providing a low-cost, long-duration energy storage system that can be more sustainable and also support intermittent renewable energy.

Zinc8 Energy Solutions, a Canadian battery manufacturer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has developed a technology that, as the company said, “completely decouples the linkage between energy and power.” The company said that, “Unlike lithium-ion technology, which requires new stacks in order to scale … scaling Zinc8’s technology can be accomplished by simply increasing the size of the fuel tank and quantity of recharged zinc fuel.”

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