In battery storage, there is no silver bullet chemistry type and as we move towards more ambitious decarbonization goals, room is being made for diverse systems. As an old technology with new vitality, zinc-based batteries are edging closer to commercialization, leveraging their unique ability to be configured for short and long duration operation. They are safer, longer lasting and, in some cases, reportedly up to 50% cheaper than lithium-ion batteries and, following recent game-changing advances, the prospects for zinc look much more exciting. pv magazine sat down with the manager of the newly established, global Zinc Battery Initiative, Josef Daniel-Ivad, to discuss the technology’s market position and developments.

Can you tell me about the Zinc Battery Initiative and why it was established?

The initiative is a consortium of battery companies and stakeholders that use zinc-based battery technology, as we realized it’s very important to have a common voice to represent this industry sector.

We have a very wide spectrum of members with different approaches and we believe it’s better to have a platform with different choices, almost like a menu, so you can best choose what suits your needs. And from what we hear, everybody wants safety and now, with supply chain issues and EVs being so successful, it’s not practical to rely solely on lithium.

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