Zinc8 Energy Solutions Announces Retirement of David Hodge from the Board of Directors and Welcomes Keith Morlock to Board of Directors, Recognizing his Leadership in Strategic Planning and Execution During Company Revitalization

VANCOUVER, BC, January 4, 2024 / Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. (“Zinc8” or the “Company“) (CSE: ZAIR) (OTC PINK:ZAIRF) (FSE:0E9) a prominent innovator in the Long-Duration Energy Storage sector, announces the retirement of its director, Mr. David Hodge. Mr. Hodge, a longstanding director, has chosen to retire from the board of directors (the “Board”). His departure marks the end of an era defined by an unwavering dedication. Colleagues and stakeholders express their gratitude for Mr. Hodge’s significant contributions to the early days of Zinc8, recognizing the profound impact of his guidance. As the organization moves into a new chapter, we thank Mr. Hodge for his many years of service.

In further news, Zinc8 announces the appointment of Mr. Keith Morlock, from Blackland Energy Partners, to its Board. With decades of experience in the energy sector, Mr. Morlock brings unparalleled expertise in leading high-performing teams, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation – crucial elements in supporting the infrastructure, development, and revenue objectives of the Company. His strategic planning acumen and proven leadership have played a pivotal role in guiding Zinc8 through its restructure, setting it on a trajectory of renewed growth. Mr. Morlock’s appointment to the Board solidifies his commitment to advancing the Company’s strategic initiatives, particularly in the development of the innovative Zaeras™ Flow Battery technology.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mr. Keith Morlock to Zinc8’s Board of Directors,” announced Mr. Jason Birmingham, CEO of Zinc8. “Mr. Morlock brings unparalleled expertise in devising and executing operational and marketing strategies, coupled with a profound business acumen that has been instrumental in redefining Zinc8’s objectives. Moving forward, he will actively participate in financings and additional restructuring efforts to bolster confidence in the capital market. Mr. Morlock’s primary focus extends to enhancing communication, fostering transparency, and strengthening connections between executives, stakeholders, and future employees. With over 25 years of establishing positive corporate governance, he brings a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly contribute to Zinc8’s future success.”

As a seasoned executive, Mr. Morlock brings a distinctive array of capabilities to Zinc8. His strategic foresight enables him to anticipate industry trends, establish enduring goals, and guide companies toward sustainable success. Mr. Morlock demonstrated expertise in change management ensures adept navigation through organizational transformations, fostering a positive and adaptable culture within the company. His exceptional adaptability has consistently played a pivotal role in steering organizations through corporate shifts, ensuring agility and sustained competitiveness.

“I am privileged to take on this expanded role within Zinc8, contributing to shaping the Company’s strategic direction as a member of the Board,” Mr. Morlock expressed. “Zinc8 occupies a distinctive position in the energy storage industry, and I am eager to collaborate with the management team to foster innovation and drive growth at Zinc8.”

Mr. Morlock’s appointment to the Board comes at a pivotal time for Zinc8 as the Company undergoes a strategic reorganization, charting a new course to introduce the Zaeras™ Long-Duration Energy Storage technology to market. His addition marks a significant milestone in the Company’s unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable energy solutions and signifies Zinc8’s dedication to reforming itself for a future focused on innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

About Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc.

At Zinc8 we specialize in providing scalable, environmentally friendly, long-lasting energy storage solutions. Our multi-patented Zaeras™ Flow Battery, technology uses zinc-air chemistry, to store and deliver electricity on demand, without the restrictions or environmental risks associated with today’s market leaders.

About Zinc8’s Zaeras™ Technology

Zinc8, utilizing its multi-patented Zaeras™ technology, whether deployed independently or as a facilitative technology, presents opportunities for achieving peak demand reduction, capitalizing on time-of-use arbitrage, engaging in value stacking programs, and entering the distributed long-duration energy storage domain. All of this aligns with the opportunity to achieve a notable decrease in carbon footprint.

Zaeras™ is unique in its inherent absence of fire or explosion hazards, sustained capacity preservation over its extensive lifecycle, and its versatility in independently managing charge and discharge operations.  Similar to other Flow Battery technologies, Zaeras’ energy storage capacity is solely dictated by the dimensions of the zinc storage tank.  This characteristic yields a highly cost-effective and easily scalable solution, offering an alternative to the fixed power-to-energy ratio constraints, associated with lithium-ion batteries.

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